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Have a Business idea but facing problems reaching out to the masses? We provide well-tailored, affricative and efficient Mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms with secured functionalities for better error free performance.

We work with brands from diverse industries and provide businesses with both Native and Hybrid innovative and affordable Mobile Applications with a smooth User Interface.


The Mobile gaming industry is growing in leaps and bounds with an ever expanding user base all over the world. We develop games in all genres ranging from trivia, puzzle, action to social for both mobile as well as tablet viewing.

We have a team of dedicated and passionate game designers and developers, who gives form to your creative business concept and bring it live on both Android and iOS platforms.

We handhold you through the entire process right from brainstorming ideas to the execution and launch with special care to creating effective and impressionable games to make a mark.


Struggling to make your presence felt on online platforms?

We provide the best affordable and creative Digital Marketing Services to strengthen your foothold and improve your rankings. WE apply strategic use of SEO, Content marketing, SMO, SMM and other means to give you guaranteed results with the most efficient ROIs.

We provide increased brand visibility and awareness, maximize lead conversions and help to drive the targeted traffic towards your business website.


Every business has unique qualities and core values what sets them apart from their peers.

We provide customized, innovative and cost effective website design solutions to business who are striving to make a lasting impression

Our motto is to provide smooth, efficient, responsive and cost effective website designs to attract your target customers and drive in relevant traffic and make your business visible and accessible to masses.


The first look of the website creates a lasting impression on the mind of your target audience.

We understand this and create interactive, responsive, innovative, secure and error free solutions to attract your desired traffic.

We understand the core value of your business and bring it forth on the website. We are the one stop shop for all your website related concerns, from formulation, development to launch and after launch services, we provide assistance at every level.


Graphic designs are more than just Show and Tell. They are backed with relevant information, statistics, in line with the market trends and delivering efficient ROI.

Our Designs engage, entertain, attract your target audience and make them hooked to you.

Our expertise in varied brands across the industry has given us the experience and expertise to work and deliver quality content in line with your business requirement make you attractive and recognizable among your peers.


The world is being constantly dominated and broken into several fragments, but with Digit Bazar, you can be assured that communication is not going to be a problem for you. We will shape up all the objectives that you have while being simple. We are going to save both your time and money, and you can trust us with all the business needs that you have, right from Mobile Application Development, to developing your website, to designing, and not to forget, marketing as well. Our team of experts will provide the best possible solution for you and ensure that your business remains ahead of every other business in this hugely competitive market.


We value your time and ours too! We take great efforts to make our entire project handling and completion process efficient and quality driven. Our team works incessantly to bring about a level of satisfaction to our clients and take great effort to deliver the project before the deadline.


We understand the uniqueness of your business and do not deliver SEO strategies which are generalized. We analyse businesses and develop customised SEO plans for each. This improves quality and provides the best result.


Our in-house team is experienced is the root cause for all our success stories. The talented team equipped with our interactive and transparent process is responsible for maintaining the high quality of service and superior client satisfaction.


From the very initiation of the project we keep our clients informed about every process detail, take inputs and make the entre process interactive. The client involvement in the project development makes it more fruitful and increases the satisfaction level.


We not only look into all our functional requirement but also take great concern in making the project under a budget. Our cost effective rates with the quality of service provided is unmatched and unique.



Unique StrategyFormulation

If you think math is hard, try web design.

Better ways to formulateStrategy

For customising our services to suit the needs of our clients better, we research and understand the unique value propositions of the business in concern. We formulate strategies compatible to the required needs, thereby providing the brand in concern with a competitive advantage.

Better ways to createDesign

For customising our services to suit the needs of our clients better, we research and understand the unique value propositions of the business in concern. We formulate strategies compatible to the required needs, thereby providing the brand in concern with a competitive advantage.


Technology over technique produces emotionless design.

Strategy Analysis and RefinementRefinement

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Better ways to analyzeStrategy

After the whole project implementation is complete, we do not abandon our clients and provide them with real time analysis. Strategy refinement is also provided if the client does not receive the expected returns due to the changing market scenarios. We hand hold the clients through the entire process and make it our responsibility to make the brand in concern reach its desired destination.

We are the creators and the developers.

Our motto is to imbibe our ideas, your style, your goals and help you create the right recipe for your desired success.

We take pride not in the number of clients served but the level of satisfaction of each client.

We are collaborators and creators at heart and add passion to each and every project we take on. Having served over 150 (to be updated) clients across various industries we have gained invaluable insights and experiences to help us move forward on our endeavour to reach new heights.

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